franchiCiao, Benvenuto… Hello and welcome, who is Franchi Sementi?

Franchi Sementi (Sementi is Italian for seeds) is the oldest seed company in Italy which started over 229 years ago in 1783 by Giovanni Franchi. Giovanni started by selling his seeds from a horse drawn cart in and around the market squares of Parma Italy.

Franchi Seeds is a 7th generation family run business operating out of modern facilities in Bergamo Italy, 

Franchi Seeds continues according to its tradition of great quality and devoted effort.

Franchi Seeds carry a large variety of Vegetable, Herb and flower seeds through a number of different lines, all of which have been laboratory tested for germination. Each package of Franchi seeds contain a generous amount of seeds based on the variety and has been Germinability guarantee of 3 years from the date of the seeds being packaged following the sowing instructions listed on the back of each package.

Franchi Seeds is a Producer of their seeds and not a reseller of seeds from outside of Italy and other sources.  Do you know where your seeds come from?

Franchi Seeds a producer of over 90% of their seeds works closely with regional growers who are provided Franchi seeds and must follow strict standards set by Franchi and are visited on a regular basis to ensure healthy plants and quality standards are maintained. Franchi also grows and tests a further 10% of seeds in their onsite trial gardens. 

Each region of Italy will have their own variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers distinct to its location, this is part of Franchi’s effort to provide a large variety of locally authentic grown seed. Each packet of Franchi seeds is large in size,  show a beautiful color picture of the item on from with sowing instructions on the back . Franchi Seeds caters to gardeners of all sizes from the individual back yard garden up to those that may have a small farm.

For those of us who wish to add the true flavour of home grown Italian vegetables, herbs and the beauty of color from the varieties of flowers to your home, or bring back fond memories of that last trip to Italian and the Tuscan countryside . Maybe you are just a true lover of everything Italian , then these seeds are for you.

With fantastic germination, vigorous growth from seed to transplant, these seeds far out produce in quantity and quality than you can imagine.  The rewards from choosing Franchi Seeds will be a smile on your face and a full basket of rewards. 

For questions about Franchi Seeds please send an email to the address on our contact page

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